Online Speech Therapy Program

For children facing speech delays, every new word is a milestone, and every small conversation is a victory. LearningBob’s Speech Delay Program is crafted to nurture and enhance these moments of triumph, providing a supportive and enriching environment for developing speech and language skills.

Sound Matching Games

This engaging and interactive exercise is designed to help your child to develop their phonics skills by matching pictures to their corresponding beginning sounds

Word Sound Memory Game

The alphabet letters sound words memory game. As players select a flashcard, they hear the pronunciation of the word, aiding in auditory learning and memory retention.

Why choose us

Empowering Expression

Communication is key, and for children with Speech Delay, LearningBob offers a nurturing environment to develop those vital skills. Through engaging activities and supportive speech practices, we help enhance language acquisition, articulation, and expressive abilities, one word at a time.

Engaging Activities

These are crafted to naturally motivate children to use language, incorporating play-based learning, interactive digital tools, and real-life scenarios that mirror everyday communication. Activities are designed to elicit speech and language use, making each session something children look forward to.

Supporting Practices

The program includes a range of exercises focused on improving specific speech and language skills, from articulation exercises that help children produce clear speech sounds to expressive language activities that assist in forming sentences and using language effectively in social situations.

Individualized Attention

Recognizing that each child’s journey with speech development is unique, the program offers personalized learning paths. This means adjusting the pace, content, and focus of activities based on the child’s current abilities, interests, and learning style.


Online speech delay programs offer unparalleled accessibility, allowing children to practice and learn from the comfort of their home. This convenience is a game-changer for families, making consistent therapy more achievable.

Our Program Features:

Adaptive Learning Paths

Personalizes the educational experience by adjusting the difficulty level and content to match the student’s learning pace, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

Interactive Content

Offers dynamic, engaging lessons with multimedia elements like videos, interactive exercises, and games to cater to various learning styles, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

Parental Dashboard

Provides real-time tracking of student progress, resources for support, and tools for customizing learning experiences, facilitating a collaborative educational approach.