Online Learning for Autistic Students

At LearningBob, we’re deeply committed to understanding and addressing the special educational needs of students with Autism.

Social Skill Videos

Our  social story videos cover a wide range of essential topics, from learning to apologize sincerely (“Say Sorry”) and the importance of patience (“Wait for Your Turn”).

Memory Games

The alphabet letters sound words memory game. As players select a flashcard, they hear the pronunciation of the word, aiding in auditory learning and memory retention.

Phonics Videos

Each video in this library introduces young learners to fundamental words through fun and engaging scripts narrated by Ellie & Rob

Missing Letter

This fun and educational exercise is designed to help your child enhance their reading and spelling skills by identifying the missing letters in various words.

Why choose us

Unlocking Potential in Autism

 Our interactive and special need friendly courses are designed to engage attention, foster communication skills, and support social understanding, making learning a joyful and accessible journey for every autistic learners and we are also deeply committed to understanding and addressing the unique educational needs of students with Autism.

Learning Paths

Every autistic learner is unique. Our courses are designed to adapt to each learner’s individual strengths, interests, and challenges, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

Interactive Activities

We prioritize creating interactive and sensory-friendly materials that captivate and maintain attention without overwhelming the senses, making learning a comfortable and enjoyable process

Social Skills

Through engaging activities and guided interactions, our program fosters essential communication skills and social understanding, helping students navigate their world more effectively.


LearningBob is more than just a platform; it’s a community where students, parents, and educators come together to support, inspire, and uplift one another on this educational journey.

Our Program Features:

Interactive and Engaging Courses

Designed to capture and retain the attention of autistic learners, our courses range from basic academic skills to life skills and beyond.

Expert-Created Content

Our curriculum is crafted by specialists in autism education, ensuring that each lesson is both developmentally appropriate and conducive to the unique learning styles of autistic individuals.

Progress Tracking

With our intuitive progress tracking, parents and educators can stay informed about their learner’s achievements and areas for growth, fostering a collaborative approach to education.