Missing Letter Activity

Welcome to our Missing Letter Activity! This fun and educational exercise is designed to help preschoolers enhance their reading and spelling skills by identifying the missing letters in various words. Here’s how it works:

In this activity, children will be presented with words that have one missing letter. For example, they might see “_rum” and need to figure out that the missing letter is “D” to complete the word “Drum.” Similarly, for “_ut,” the missing letter is “H” to form the word “Hut.”

How to Play:

  1. Look at the given word with the missing letter.
  2. Say the complete word out loud.
  3. Identify the missing letter that completes the word.
  4. Type the missing letter in the provided space.

This activity not only helps children with letter recognition but also improves their phonetic awareness and vocabulary. By engaging in this interactive task, children will have fun while building a strong foundation for reading and writing.