Beginning Sound Matching Games

Beginning Sound Matching Games

Welcome to our Beginning Sound Matching Game! This engaging and interactive exercise is designed to help preschoolers develop their phonics skills by matching pictures to their corresponding beginning sounds. Here’s how it works:

In this activity, children will be presented with images on the left side of the screen, each missing its beginning letter. On the right side, they will see letters that match the beginning sounds of these images. For example, a picture of a whale with the missing letter “_hale” on the left side should be matched with the letter “W” on the right side. Similarly, a picture of a zebra with the missing letter “_ebra” should be matched with the letter “Z.”

How to Play:

  1. Look at the image and identify the missing beginning sound.
  2. Find the corresponding letter on the right side of the screen.
  3. Drag the letter from the right side to the matching image on the left side.

This activity helps children with letter recognition, phonetic awareness, and vocabulary building. By participating in this fun and educational game, children will enhance their understanding of beginning sounds, setting a solid foundation for reading and writing.

Get started now and watch your child enjoy learning their beginning sounds!

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